Re: [CR](Cr) Stronglight Crank Tool

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Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 11:35:37 -0500
From: "Chris Beyer" <>
To:, classicrendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR](Cr) Stronglight Crank Tool
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Gilbert, et al:

BikeToolsEtc. list a Stronglight puller made by Stein:


Chris Beyer Already Got a Stronlight Tool Bloomfield, NJ wrote:
> Hello gand,
> A little while back I posted a not that I might have several Stronglight old
> Style (#93 fit 23.35 mm) crank extractors in my stash. Well, after an
> exhaustive search and running up a big phone bill overseas I have exhausted
> my supply of patience to locate more at the present time.
> Thanks to all the people requesting this item, I'm afraid it's off to E-bay
> for you.
> I will dutifully post the availability of this item and be more diligent next
> time in sourcing this item as it is reportedly discontinued by Stronglight
> and Var as well though stock must be around.
> Regards,
> Gilbert Anderson
> North Road Bicyle Company
> Ralelgh, NC USA