[CR]road trips/cyclus tools

Example: Racing:Jacques Boyer

From: "renaissance-cycles" <info@renaissance-cycles.com>
To: "Classic Rendevous" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 11:09:12 +0100
Subject: [CR]road trips/cyclus tools

Hi all:

Heys guys and gals!! We got a double shipment of Cyclus tooling and we are not talking one or 2 pieces here and there so no need to rush!! In the past there has been talk on the list conserning headset tooling! So I am offering a set of three tools to the list. It will consist of (1) # 720009 headset press (2) #720013 fixed cup removal tool (3) #720012 crown race setting tool!

Our list price in individually is $ 123.50. Classicrendezvous bikelist price is $ 85.-!!.............Shipping cost is $ 26.-.

Yes we could of sent it back but that wouldn't look to good for us since Renaissance cycles will be bring cyclus stateside with our move!!..............So we are pushing for a 2003 June/July opening for our Stateside operations. A little bit later than we had planned for but as it is many plans don't work out.

Apologies to list members who has purchased these tools just recently, but we need to move some of this tooling.

All other tooling is 20% off

Parts offering to the list will follow very soon!!..........Happy Holidays to all!!

Regards, BC and the gang! Baron, Cecile, Nadine, Benny, Lizzy (the new addition!)..........All with the last name of Corpuz.........Freezing here in Holland!!