Re: [CR]does regina synchro work with friction set up? inquiring minds...

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Subject: Re: [CR]does regina synchro work with friction set up? inquiring minds...
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 08:24:00 -0800

Just barely within the CR range, but Synchro II worked fine with Dura Ace and Suntour Winner series freewheels.
David Feldman
Vancouver WA

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> Well, I happen to have a LOT of experience with the Campy Sycro 7-speed
> items, as I fought the early battles with this stuff when it was new and I
> still have 2 groups in use, so here goes:
> The Regina 7-speed freewheel will work fine in friction mode. However, be
> aware that it does NOT work well in syncro mode. The cog spacing is off by
> just enough to make life miserable when using Syncro shifting. In fact, the
> specing for the Regina Syncro freewheel with early Campy Syncro groups was
> one of the main reasons that the these early Syncro groups got a bad rap
> when first released.
> If you want to make Campy Syncro groups shift well, pitch the Regina and
> switch to a Sachs/SRAM freewheel with the profiled teeth. Also use a
> Sachs/SRAM SC-89R chain, or whatever the current/updated part number is in
> the Sachs line. It should be an 8-speed chain. Also make sure that that
> rear shift cable "loop" (I'm refering to the loop that the cable forms as it
> comes off of the rear chainstay and circles down to the rear derailleur) is
> a bit larger in diameter than normal. At least larger than diameter than
> needed for friction shifting.
> Also be aware that the syncro insert in the shifter housing will wear out
> eventually. This is first evidenced by the shifter shipping and the chain
> jumping. At first, you may think your chain/freewheel is worn, but the
> insert most likely needs to be changed. Now, be sure to replace the insert
> with the same colored insert that came in the shifter housing originally, as
> I think there are 2-4 color combos in both 6 & 7 speed. Anyway, Campy made
> a special tool to replace this insert but any space chimp can usually
> accomplish this change with care and a good set of needle nose pliers.
> Maybe this is more than you wanted to know, but have fun.
> Dave Patrick
> Chelsea, Michigan
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> Subject: [CR]does regina synchro work with friction set up? inquiring
> minds...
> hello dear list,
> a question from me:
> I see a regina syncro 7 speed freewheel for sale from the CR list--I would
> like to have as many freewheels as possible (memories of my father's
> beautiful old '50s polaroid land camera w/ collapseable lens that he had to
> finally throw away because they no longer made the film--don't want that to
> happen to my old 6 & 7 speed bikes because of an inevitable freewheel
> shortage)--ANYWAY: the question is: CAN a "synchro" freewheel work smoothly
> and effortlessly on a friction (mid 80's) campy athena gruppo?
> my memory is that the gruppo was originally synchro--a feature I chose to
> ignore in favor of having what I considered to be the much cooler super
> record shifters. of course, as you all know, shifting never presented a
> problem.
> sorry to go on--if anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
> thanks in advance,
> ricky garni
> carrboro, nc
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