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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 17:12:44 EST
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<< I ................was surprised that there was a framebuilder I hadn't heard of in PA much less in Mansfield!.................... I saw that he builds with lugs so took that as a good sign. I'll look at anything with lugs! Can I take your posting his having worked and trained under you as an endorsement?................PS: You can go to the list with this if you want. I figured new frames were off topic. >>

I think we said early on that the CR could be used to talk about traditionally built bikes (lugged, filet, etc.) like Baylis, Sachs, Bohemian, DB(?) etc? As long as we don't get carried away..!

In any case, Tom Oswald is a VERY scale small builder .. Just for the record, he is the most patient, focussed craftsman I have every worked with. Heres the story: A few years ago, I invited the guys (and gals!) who worked for me at CDO to come out to my workshop and build a frame. (Some of you visited my little shop-old bike storage place at past Cirques..) Four shop persons accepted the invitation.. Only two of them made finished frames! Steve M made a cyclocross frame that was rideable but cobby in extreme... Tom, first time out, made a damned beautiful frame! He has probably made only 30 + - frames but he is extremely meticulous. No fancy Bridgeport milling machines or lathes, he does all of it by hand. He doesn't paint the frames but does everything else. Check him out in his web site: <A HREF="http://www.oswaldcycleworks.com/">Tom </A><A HREF="http://www.oswaldcycleworks.com/">Oswald custom frames</A>

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