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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 19:14:07 -0500
From: "Mario Griasa" <oldbike8538@juno.com>
Subject: [CR]new member and stuff for sale

howdy, many of you know me already, this is Mario Girasa. It all started in 1996 (I'll keep it short). I started thinking about the hi-end bikes I couldn't afford when i was in college. Now that i had a bit more money, I wanted to track one down. At the beginning, it seemed impossible. i was living in Brooklyn, NY at the time. I looked in the local classifieds-type weekly magazines. I went to as many bike shops as possible. I finally landed a near-new mid-80s Casati with full nuovo/super components. I wanted more. I somehow managed to learn about Bicycle Classics, can't remember how. I called them, got their flyer. Coincidently, I was moving to the Boston area that summer. I went to their shop. Eventually, I started working there Saturdays. I had a regular job weekdays. It is no exageration when I tell you that i looked forward to every single saturday starting sunday morning. I learned alot from Mike Kone and Scott Chamberlain and Greg Nowell in that shop. I also learned alot from Wataru Hasegawa (where are you, Wataru?), who is a collector who was studying in Boston at the time. Ray Etherton in the UK taught me much as well. Eventually I learned to track down bikes and parts on my own. Eventually, my 1200 sq.ft apartment became a warehouse, with narrow aisles through which to navigate. Eventually I needed warehouse space. Eventually the fun became HARD WORK, and I burned out and put everything in storage. This was supposed to be a hobby, but I got too enthusiastic, remember, I've got a day job ! That was three years ago. Slowly I trickled the parts out, selling at a slow but regular pace. The "burnout" was good because it prevented me from bringing more goods in. My favorite bike, believe it or not, is a metallic-burnt-orange Raleigh Sprite from the 1960s complete with matching fenders and rack and nice B72 saddle. I switched out the wheels for some Normandys with alloy rims, and it's my favorite kick-around-town bike. I picked it up for $35 at a Ski/Bike shop sale a few springs ago. When I want to go faster and farther, I use a 1980 Cinelli, racing orange, with drilled lugs and 26.2 seatpost size, but new graphics (the last of the "old" cinellis). I have orange VIP bars and a hammered-rivet Brooks Pro on it. I have a very nice Jack Taylor tandem from the late 1970s with an oversized Bardon headset (Sheldon has at least one customer for that Bardon on his website!). Some day... I'm gonna take the tandem for a European tour ! Cheers ! mario

stuff for sale: All goods New Old Stock, never used. Shipping is extra. email for jpgs. 1. 1970s Colnago-logo padded buffalo saddle these are beautiful. Same shape as Unicanitor of the period, the word "Colnago" in yellow on each side of the saddle, $69 2. Campagnolo Nuovo Record STEEL toeclips per pair, Small $13, Medium $27, Large $35 3. 1980s Miche Bottom Brackets complete These work nicely with Campy NR cranks of the time. Italian threads, 114.5 symmetrical length, includes cups, lockring, spindle, plastic sleeve, bearings, crank bolts and washers (everything!). These are bulk-packed in plastic bags. $19 per set 4. Campagnolo Nuovo Record hubset, 32 hole, lo flange, curved skewers, choice of 5 or 6 speed, $140 per set 5. Campagnolo chrome-steel silca pump heads, $25 each, 5 for $100 6. Silca gold anodized pumps size 47 fits a space between 465-515mm, body is metallic-gold, handle is chrome, really sweet, includes plastic silca head. These came bulk packed in a case, and very minor "shopwear" from banging around is present. Absolutely nothing to freak about, nothing close to the kind of mark you would get by simply putting the pump on concrete for a moment while fixing your tire. $12 each, 5 for $40 7. silca chrome plastic heads: 5 for $5 8. Cleat pairs: pavarin 2-bolt and pavarin 1-bolt, complete with bolts/washers, these were typical on Dettos, and probably others, but I don't know. mix any 5 pair for $20 9. marresi cleat pairs: Classic 3-holes with nice fresh screws/washers. 5 pair for $25 (stocking stuffer ?) 10. pavarin all- alloy cleat pairs with NAILS, last forever, $8 per pair, 5 pair for $30 11. campagnolo stainless rear der housings: 10 for $22 12. Late 1980s Campy Chorus rear skewers, curved, 6/7 spd: $12 each 13. Normandy Luxe Competition front hub red foil/red dustcaps, 36h, no skewer : minor shopwear, $19 14. Vintage Cycling caps $10 each yellow/white new-logo Cinelli, blue/silver Atala, Malvor Bottecchia, Paini Bottecchia, yellow/purple TEAM ADR Bottecchia (Lemond's 1989 Tourde France team) 15. 1960s Reg vintage thermal bottle Nice detail, original box and instructions worthy of framing. $12, 5 for $49 16. Modolo anatomic handlebar/stem combo 8X-tenos 8bend silver, one groove, size 40 with your choice 90mm or 130mm matching Q-even silver stem, $28 for bar/stem combo 17. Campy 1984 Olympic pinset (3 different pins, boxed) : GREAT XMAS gift: $29, 4 for $100 18. 1980s Trimble vintage carbon-fiber aero bar from the inventor of the first monococque carbon-fiber frameset, these carbon-fiber aero bars with aluminum hardware clamp to your stem, are easy to adjust, weighs 450 grams with hardware and pads !, have routing provisions for computer and bar-end shifters. $25 19. Campagnolo Super Record alloy toeclips, small, 10 pair for $20 20. Campagnolo Super Record alloy toeclips, medium, 10 pair for $40 21. Campagnolo Super Record grey brake housing, lined and ferruled, 10 pair for $55 22. Campagnolo Nuovo/Super Record crank dustcaps, say "Brev" on them, $8 EACH 23. Campagnolo white leather toestraps with blue "Campagnolo" written on straps, $25 per pair 24. Campagnolo Nuovo Record braided derailleur cable, bar-con length (can be cut down), old diamond logo, 10 pair for $45 25. Velox handlebar plugs, RED or BLUE, $8 per pair, mix any 10 pair for $55 26. Campagnolo quick-release seatpost binder bolt, $8 each, 10 for $49 27. Ambrosio BikeLine bartape from 1980s. Extremely unique flavors, I won't describe them with too much detail because the only way you'll buy this item is if you're already familiar with the bizarre names they had, all are padded tapes: three solid flavors: DIGITAL (sleek matte-silvery-black-anthracite), FEELING (matte-suedish tan-brown) and BIANCO SUPERMETALLIZATO (ultra-purewhite-slick plastic), $10 per bars-worth 28. Rims 700c Sewup Rim Pair Weinmann Carrera Corinal 36h (anod): $40 700c Sewup Rim Single Mavic GP4 28h (anod): $25 Campagnolo Victory Crono 36h (anod): $25 Ambrodio Hypothesis Aero 32h (silver), label pealing a bit: $25 26" Sewup Rim Pair Araya Aero4 28h (anod): $40 26" Sewup Rim Single Fiamme Speedy 32h (anod): $25 24" Sewup Rim Pair Saavedra Turbo Aero 36h (silver): $40 700c Clincher Rim single Mavic Open4CD 36h (anod): $40 ________________________________________________________________ GET INTERNET ACCESS FROM JUNO! Juno offers FREE or PREMIUM Internet access for less! Join Juno today! For your FREE software, visit: http://dl.www.juno.com/get/web/.