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I have 2 Viners. One I bought new in 1983 or '84 (a Stella Pro), raced and crashed heavily and a second frameset I bought off eBay 2 years ago. I haven't yet built the second.

They had a reputation as being cheap raceware during the period you mention but both of mine seem to be nicely put together. The paint colors were cool, also: bass boat metal flake orange, electric blue, champagne, and a bright red. I stripped and repainted the first one and the lugwork and brazing looked great to me. The second has been repainted by Mohr (?) in Tennessee but seems to as well assembled, if not better.

The ride and handling are first class, despite the upright geometry. Mine was fairly stable in a straight line but loved to turn.

Gus Betat imported them, I believe, but I don't know who built them.

Are you sure yours is 531? I thought they were all made of Columbus SL with Campagnolo dropouts front and rear and lugs with cool little star (stella) cut outs.

I think these frames were way under rated, although they could have been constructed by several different builders over the years with different levels of expertise and quality.

Rick Chasteen, Kansas City

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> Good Day All,
> I recently came into possession of a Viner Pro, which I figure to be late
> 70's/early 80's. Full 531 (a bit unusual for an Italian frame) and
> reasonably nice lugwork.
> Does anyone know the history of Viner? Who was/were the builder(s)? Any
> original decals still available?
> Thanks for the assistance.............
> Chuck Brooks
> Malta, NY