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While all this talk about this rear mech! Has anyone been watching Scotts Simplex QRs!...............They are at ''5 bills''!!......I can see it coming!! !^!#^^##&&~~!!!!!!!!!!

Now I need to go look in one of the junk piles, I counted 2 pairs in a freebie box when I bought a GIOS,............and 2 very nice old French bikes with junky paint jobs were tossed in on the deal! I think these QRs were from these French riggs!!...I knew what I had but didn't think they could bring this $much$........The guy said his old man stuck new QRs on the wheels because the little nuts would hurt his fingers!! Hey Scott! You ain't mad because you friend contacted me?? If so, no biggie!!

Another twist to the rear mech!!

Going to ebay and paying higher prices saves a lot of time and $MONEY$!! If it's something that you have been seeking for a long time and one shows up! You are more likely going to go for it and fork out the ''BIG'' $bucks$!!........... Or you can spin your wheels looking all over high heaven and not get anything at all!!

I'm sure that many of us had a project at one time or another and you needed that one small item! You go here and there, call here and there and before you know it your day is over!!.............When all along it could have been had for a $ 1.99 at OSH! You didn't go there because their price was a little higher!!

As for myself!!..........Any of you remember the Molteni Merckx that ''Cyclo 24 de'' was selling!!........I won it twice, he didn't honor the first sale due to the time change here in Europe, we went back 1 hour so he felt he lost that last hour for him to get a better price!! I was pissed as hell! So I said OK the other bidders will get another chance!! I won the bike with a high of $ 1,075.-, I wanted that stupid bike!! Second round came around, 2 minute left my wife calls me at the warehouse. So what are you going to do its at a cook ''K'' ?? Are you going to let it go to Japan?? I told her no!! ...........She took it from there, without knowing She stuck a ''SUPER HIGH'' maximum bid on it!! As it turns out, it was chased down pretty fast!! What did we pay, $ 1,725.-! Call it stupid or what ever, we just went for it!! Disposable income! Not even!

I had a friend that wanted a park truing stand ''REAL BAD!" He always said, one will show up for a good price...........Years and years went by!!........Well! He didn't get that truing stand,................he's long gone now!!...........My long 2 cents worth!

You only live once!!

BC Baron Corpuz.........Holland!........Next, Santa Barbara!!

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> No, that's the BOB list. <grin>
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