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Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 00:19:59 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR]Hiduminium Brakes
From: "Bob Reid" <>
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Sheldon wrote ;
> What info are you looking for? "Hiduminium" was GB's proprietary
> name for alumin(i)um.

Not so ! - Hiduminium was 'HI'gh 'DU'ty Alloys Ltd's (Redditch UK) registered name for their High Duty Aluminium Alloy, developed (in the 30's ?) primarily for the aircraft industry and still used today but better known by it's 7xxx series designation. What post war component manufacturer didn't plaster the words "Hiduminium" on their components ?. Post WWII, there was a big emphasis on advertising (connected no doubt to war time air superiority) the virtues of "Hiduminium" and "R.R.56" (Rolls-Royce Aircraft spec. alloy) for bars, stems, brakes etc...... Add this to a '531' or A&P S.A.Q. (special aircraft quality) tubing K.R.O.M.O frame and you could just about fly.......... pity the engine always let you down.

BTW - it's not the same as 'Dural' - duraluminum doesn't have silicon added......

Bob (what do you mean - it's alloy ? - so is brass) Reid