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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 21:19:23 -0900

and I agree with Nath. I pay a lot of attention to the responses to negatives, and this guy sounds like a jerk. I wouldn't buy from him either. My point was, the numbers, alone, aren't that bad.

John Dunn in Boise

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> John's right--if you do enough business on eBay, the negatives will come.
> But what bothers me about this particular seller is the tone and nature of
> his responses to those who've left him negative feedback. One begins, "WHAT
> A LITTLE GIRL" and later refers to the buyer as a "CRY BABY"--seems to me
> the first comment smacks of sexism, but in any case he simply seems
> downright unpleasant.
> Of course it's hard to say anything definite without knowing all the details
> of the transaction (what questions were asked before any bids were placed,
> and what answers were given, etc.), but judging from the tone of this
> seller's responses, I wouldn't buy anything from him, no matter how much of
> a bargain it seemed.
> He sure does have a lot of Campy odds & ends for sale, though. (Vintage
> content!)
> nath dresser
> spring green, wi