Re: [CR]$1,300 Simplex vs Oddball long cage Campy Derailleurs

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Subject: Re: [CR]$1,300 Simplex vs Oddball long cage Campy Derailleurs
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 18:43:10 -0900

Don't hold anything back, Garth, just tell us how you feel about this part. ;-)

John in Boise

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Subject: [CR]$1,300 Simplex vs Oddball long cage Campy Derailleurs

I am going to go out on a limb here by saying that the Simplex derailleur that just fetched so much on Ebay is a stunning piece of architecture. It not only expresses something special about the time it came from (much like the rounded modern lines of refrigerators and cars of the time), but it seems to be a well thought out design (aesthetically). Although it lacks the beauty of allen head bolts that add so much to modern derailleurs, it has a sculpted look that betters most modern derailleurs. Does anyone know something of the history of this piece? How well did it function, and how did it compare with others from the same period? It makes the rigged up Campy long cage look artistically bankrupt by comparison. Any information about this fine Simplex would be much appreciated by me, along with any insight as to why it sold so high. ("The Dancing Chain" is coming under the tree for Christmas). Garth Libre virus free in Surfside Florida.