[CR]What Vintage Lightweight parts did Santa bring you?

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From: "Bruce & Marie Van Remortel" <vrgeckos@ite.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 12:37:45 +1000
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Subject: [CR]What Vintage Lightweight parts did Santa bring you?

Since Christmas has already come to the islands...

Santa was super nice this year, one of my favorite presents was a NR Triple from 1973 in the box, great chance to study all the proper "patent" hardware... I'm glad Santa recruited Greg Parker as one of his elves! My wife even insisted on wrapping it, ah, hard to let it sit under the tree these couple of weeks : )

Another oddity is from Grant at Rivendell, which I've seen in the Reader for many years, but asked my "Secret Santa" for was a "Quick-Release Trainer." It's a nice chrome contraption that holds a front hub between campagnolo-ish dropouts. I've mounted a NOS old Phil hub (waiting for a mate to make another pair!) in the forkends and it is one super-cool display for those that keep display shelves!

Also received a Carridice saddle bonnet, fits my Ideale 90 pretty good! It "occasionally" will drizzle around here and I used to carry a large zip-lock, but now this thingy will take its place!

Also, stocked up on my collection from Chuck Schmidt, good reading every piece!

Happy Holidays all!

Bruce Van Remortel
Sunny and 86...