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I'd also like to know the answer to this. A Google search for "soft paraffin wax BP" yielded a fair number of results that are medicinal or ointments, using 'white soft paraffin BP' as an ingredient. What would be nice to know is what are the key ingredients for what we need (protection of the rubber). Is wax OK, regular paraffin? What does the BP stand for? How regular do the applications need to be?

Inquiring minds want to know.... :-)

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What exactly *is* "paraffin" wax? I've seen it, heard it referred to, but what is it, as opposed to other wax? Would beeswax work?

John Dunn in Boise. iBOBs use beeswax for everything;-)

Quoting john english <>:
> On the subject of gum rubber brake hoods.Natural ozone in the atmosphere
> attacks natural rubber and turns it into dust.Used to service
> Draeger breathing sets, face masks had high natural rubber content any
> brittle cracks turned to splits with dire results for wearer.Answer to
> problem. Regular application of soft paraffin wax BP. Rub it well in
> with
> fingers.Masks last indefinitely.Should work on gum rubber.Soft paraffin
> wax
> BP available from chemists shops drug stores etc.Worth a try.
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