[CR]Classic Mileage

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Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 11:57:47 -0800
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Guy Apple" <gapple@nvt.com>
Subject: [CR]Classic Mileage

Hi List Members,

The question for the list:

Do you guys talk about your classic lightweight bikes more than ride them? What part of this hobby do you enjoy the most?

As another year draws to a close, I am considering what I achieved/learned over the last year. In doing this retrospective exercise, I reflected on the thoughts of another more venerable list member's comment to me just the other day, while on a vintage ride.

"We (CR types) tend to talk about our bikes more than ride them."

The discussion continued...CR is really about a the hobby, riding is only part of the hobby...the sporty part.

I am pretty new to the list, less than a year. I joined to learn more about lugged, down-tube shifting classic bikes and to maybe make some new friends. Not necessarily to ride more. For me, I rode (almost) twice as much this year as last year and I can directly attribute some of that extra mileage to my renewed enthusiasm for my (new) older bikes.

Here is my mileage for the year:

2000 Lemond Chambray (modern aluminum "crit" bike) 1700 miles 1972 Schwinn Paramount (fixed-gear commuter bike) 645 miles 1987 Colnago Master (C-Record/Delta) 420 miles Misc mileage from all other bikes (estimate) 150 miles

Total miles for (2000 was 1600 miles) 2001 2915 miles

Further, I did not own the Schwinn and the Colnago a year ago. I did not know a C-Record group from a NR group and I certainly did not know what a fixed-gear bike was! I did learn alot and am making some new friends.

Happy New Year, thanks to Dale and the List for a great year!

Guy Apple
Sunnyvale, CA