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Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 20:02:12 -0500

I am starting to think Roy has a saddle fetish and his new years resolution is to break himself of the habit.

Happy Holidays Roy and all!

Walt " being a wise ass today"

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Subject: [CR]Leather Saddle Sale

> Having finished collecting many honey Brooks for all my
> bikes, I now have surplus saddles that need to be sold before I can
> get more 'stuff'. These are gently used saddles that I have
> personally ridden. Photos available on request. I will apply a coat
> of Proofhide before shipping. Prices do not include shipping
> /insurance. I prefer PayPal, but money orders are suitable. Of
> course, personal checks will need to clear before shipping. Thank you
> for your interest.
> #1. Black Brooks B72 with Saddle Sandwich: Nice leather, minor
> pitting on underside chrome $20
> #2. Brown Brooks B72 with Saddle Sandwich: Nice leather, color is
> slightly "tortoise-shell", slight pitting on underside chrome $20
> #3. Black Brooks B15: Very nice condition, almost new. Nice for
> a collection bike. $25
> #4. Brown Brooks B17: Cracks and scuffs in leather, butt marks.
> Mark from strap while tightening-in skirt. A rider, not a looker.
> $20
> #5. Black Brooks B17: Earlier model, has 'keyhole slots" instead
> of holes, no skirt line - '50's model? Cracks in leather, rust on
> underside chrome. $20
> #6. Black no-name "B5N" clone: Has drilled out holes on skirt,
> slightly narrower than B17. Scuffs on stiff leather, bag loops,
> ridden very little. $15
> #7 Black Brooks B17N: Scuffs on good leather, skirt pulled
> together with wire tie, $25
> #8 Honey Lepper Voyager: Minor scuffs & discoloration. 'Swallow'
> style with Reynolds 531 rails. $40
> #9 Maroon Concor Supercorsa: Minor discoloration, 80's style saddle $25
> Roy "Honey Brooks" Drinkwater
> Lititz "not Honeybrook, that's Charlie Young", PA