Re: [CR]Wanted: 3/32" half-link

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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 00:58:22 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Wanted: 3/32" half-link

Howdy Neill,

I can't say for sure but I doubt a 3/32 half link was ever produced! I have a 1/8 in version I have sourced that are very handy. All Internal and fixed gear cogs were originally made for 1/8inch chains so there was no need in the old days for any thing else much except maybe a one inch pitch version which wouldn't work (or would it?).

The newer track cogs and some internal hubs now use 3/32 inch cogs but on track bikes and bikes designed for internal hubs with slotted dropouts.

It's easy to fix you problem cheap. Buy a good 1/8 inch chain and a half link to go with it. It'll run just fine on your skinny sprockets and best of all you can tighten your chain.

Otherwise buy a chainwheel with a one or two more teeth and raise your gear and lower your bank account a bit more.

Yours in cycling,

Gilbert Anderson

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<< Hi Anyone know where such a beast can be bought. I anticipate going from a 48 x 18 to a 46 x 18, and since I have semi-vertical dropouts, I'll need one. CR content: it's for a nice, oldish, 753, silver-brazed Bilenky. See it here:


Can anyone date it? The serial # is 2019


PS: 18 degrees F with the windchill factor today!

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