[CR]Re: Claim-to-Hetchins-name controversy.

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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 14:31:55 EST
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Subject: [CR]Re: Claim-to-Hetchins-name controversy.

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<< I didn't previously note the bit about Miller having been shop manager at Jackson. I suppose that does establish a continuity of sorts, though a skeptic might argue that any real continuity was lost when production was transferred to Bob Jackson, unless of course Miller, Jackson himself, or someone in that firm had been involved with building the frames at the original Hetchins company. I haven't heard that that is the case. >>

Actually both Jack Denny and Alfie Hetchins were said to have served as "consultants" to Bob jackson operation although that could have been lip service...

<< << I think I would conclude that the only "real" Hetchins were those made before Jackson took over...>>

That is the opinion of many Hetchins collectors already!

This brings up Richard Sachs opinion stated some months ago about Masi; he argued (I think?) that once Faliero stopped presiding over the actual production, they ceased to be "real Masis" in some folks minds!

By the way, there is no comparison between solo craftsman made bikes such as Sachs, Baylis, Lyons, Landshark, Bohemian, etc., and workshop built bikes like Hetchins, Claud Butler, Gillot, Masi, Colnago, even Rene Herse, etc. etc.. In the latter category there has never been the assertion that the name on the frame represented the man doing the filing or any part of the skilled labor whatever! Often these workshop built bikes reach halcyon heights of craft, but there was no guarantee that one particular person made each frame. Nor any guarantee that craft-form or quality would be consistent from year to year.

<< Come to think of it, trueness to the original (form) is probably at least as important as legal title in establishing the "genuineness" of a classic marque.>>

Now there's a new angle. Omega's lugs are awfully good copy of the Magnum Opus lugs in the 1960s brochure. It might be argued they are a lot closer to "real" Hetchins than modern versions of the model MO!

<< For example, I don't think anyone disputes the right to produce Bates, formerly held by Ray Etherton and perhaps still retained by him or perhaps sold or perhaps licensed nonexclusively to Classic Cycles UK. >>

Actually a few (few!) skeptics have voiced that exact opinion already!

<< ... suppose Ray had used his undisputed legal rights to have Bates TIG welded in Taiwan from aluminum. >>

Like the most recent Masi bikes?

<< I'd become interested in a good deal on a well made Hetchins "re-creation" from Omega. >>

Omega's bikes were pretty pricey actually. I think Miller -regime Hetchins are comparably priced if not a bit less!

I still hope Miller aggressively and successfully defends his rights to Hetchins and Omega goes back to making multicolored modern welded and filet brazed hot rods.

Dale Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina