Re: [CR]Who has the legal rights to build Hetchins

(Example: Framebuilders:Cecil Behringer)

Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 19:55:55 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Who has the legal rights to build Hetchins
From: "Richard M Sachs" <>

>But the name ''Hetchins'' as like Masi with their small shops still trying to make it a go as they are will not survive much longer without customers!!...< __________________________________________ if i understand today's threads, the current 'official' hetchins is produced in numbers of 10-20 per annum and it has a patron as an owner.

i don't think the same laws of business relate to this situation as would relate to a concern producing real numbers. these guys live outside 'the box'. i see no need to worry about the future, fiscal or otherwise, of david miller's 'hetchins'. e-RICHIE in Chester

On Mon, 31 Dec 2001 00:56:00 +0100 "renaissance-cycles" <> writes:
> Hey all!!
> There's one other way to deal with this Hetchins thing with these
> guys at
> Omega!!
> Don't know anything about the legal system in the U.K and it sounds
> like it
> will
> be a long time and costly for David before anything is
> solved!........And
> that is to hurt
> them where it will hurt the most and that's taking $$$$$ out of
> their
> tilt!!!
> One way to do this is to Buy a....''TRUE''...''REAL''...''DEAL''
> from David
> or Clive!!
> Bottom line, when buying one from David or Clive you are taking
> money out of
> Omega's tilt! They won't be thinking it's cool anymore trying to
> sell the
> Hetchins name!!...Need to make these guys think twice about their
> move!!....I think I'll be
> signing up for one this year!!
> Hey! I know it sounds mean but you got to do what you got to do to
> stay in
> the game!!
> And it really makes me ''SICK'' to think that they have the ''BLOODY
> GUTs''
> to say on their site ''The official Hetchins website''........Full
> of crock
> and all
> that ''BS''.
> I don't own a Hetchins but I will soon!! But the name ''Hetchins''
> as like
> Masi
> with their small shops still trying to make it a go as they are will
> not
> survive
> much longer without customers!!...Or barely hang in there until
> there is no
> one
> left to take it over!!.......The same is happening at RIH in
> Amsterdam!! I
> visited
> the shop several months ago and it was looking very sad!!......The
> owner
> said
> there is no one interested in the craft of building steel frames
> anymore and
> it
> seems like there will be no one left to continue the business as it
> is!!
> To me these shops are all about ''BLOOD...SWEAT and TEARs''!!
> I'm also planning on ordering 1 or 2 RIHs this coming year!! It's
> not a
> Hetchins
> or Masi!!........Just want to put one or 2 in the stable before they
> are
> long gone!!
> BC
> Baron Corpuz.........and the gang.........Freezing cold in Holland
> and going
> to burn
> some money this ''New Years''.............Rocket time!!
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> Subject: [CR]Who has the legal rights to build Hetchins
> > I hope your aware of the controversy going on here in the states
> has to
> > who has the legal rights to build Hetchins. I know that you firm
> plus
> > David Millar and Clive Rodell are all producing Hetchins. As an
> owner
> > of two Hetchins one a 1963 and the other a 1973 any clarification
> on
> > this matter would be helpful.
> > Thanks
> > Charles Nighbor, Architect and fine bicycles fan
> > Walnut Creek, CA