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As Chuck outlined below, the website is very informative.

All Moulton bicycles designed in the 195O's, built from the 1960's forward to the present day share he same design principles and have never varied. Small wheels, high pressure tires, low stepover frame, full (maintenance free now) suspension front and rear and capacity and capability to carry luggage.

While the early "F" frames(1960's and 1970's) were primarily utility machines there were several high performance models (Speed models) out of Reynold's tubing and were successful enough in competition in Hill Climbs, Pursuits, and long distance records like End to End that they were banned from racing. The newer Space Frame models are all aimed at the high end of market (though some are quite reasonable) and can be configured with the right equipment for high performance riding or even racing (if it was legal). The Moulton still holds HPV records for upright bicycles.

Some (not all) separate for easy transport but they have never folded.

Interestingly for the current Hetchins crowd. Alex Moulton revived his boyhood cycling challenges riding with CTC members in 1957 after purchasing a used Hetchins to extend his gasoline rations during the Suez crisis. It is a stunning bike in fabulous condition with ornate lugs chrome with red lining, full chrome frame, leather saddle, alloy mudguards, generator lighting, single chainwheel. At nearly 82 years he is an active kayaker and cyclist and can go quickly down the road, canal or river.

I sell Moulton bicycles and softly inquired about Alex's Hetchins. Could we arrange to bring it to the Cirque in the Spring? A quick "no" and the statement that it (along with probably hundreds or bicycle and automotive developments) will be available for viewing at the new museum being outfitted along side his estate "The Hall" in his home of Bradford on Avon. When the museum is up and running it should be a good stop for any cyclist or engineer visiting the UK about 100 miles west of London.

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Gilbert Anderson

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> What was the original reason why moulton bicycles were designed the way they were with small wheels and such.

'The Moulton bicycle was born out of my resolve to challenge and improve upon the classic bicycle, with its diamond frame and large wheels, which has locked bicycle design into that form since the pioneering work in England by Starley and others at the end of the 19th century and is perpetuated in the Tour de France bike and the basic Mountain Bike of today.'

Dr Alex Moulton C.B.E., M.A.(Cantab), FEng., R.D.I.

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