FW: [CR]Who has the legal rights to build Hetchins

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From: "nick zatezalo" <nickzz@mindspring.com>
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Subject: FW: [CR]Who has the legal rights to build Hetchins
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 20:44:03 -0500

Hi All It seems that there is a real distinct difference between what" NAME " appears on a frame made in the US versus the rest of the world.Years ago the business,which was dominated by European "brands",were made by individual companies producing low volume numbers of frames.Then along came the BOOM of the 60's-70's and these low volume producers began to realise that to take advantage of the times & increased demand that volumes could be increased & as usual quality was sacrificed a bit at first & more so as time went by.The "NAME" was selling to the masses due to the increased demand; regardless of the old standards relating to quality & performance. Here in the US the majority of the frame production was dedicated to low cost {CHEAP} models for kids & casual cyclists.The current frame builders in the US could not compete in this high volume-low cost arena of the market;so they chose to 'MAKE' the products for the high end of the market.Today if you are looking for the NAME ON THE FRAME to have any relation to an honest to god person;you need to buy from one of these folks.They don't have the money to spend on IMAGE.They have to earn the customers business by making a SUPERIOR PRODUCT for the money. Nick Zatezalo Chilly Atlanta,GA.

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>But the name ''Hetchins'' as like Masi with their small shops still trying to make it a go as they are will not survive much longer without customers!!...< __________________________________________ if i understand today's threads, the current 'official' hetchins is produced in numbers of 10-20 per annum and it has a patron as an owner.

i don't think the same laws of business relate to this situation as would relate to a concern producing real numbers. these guys live outside 'the box'. i see no need to worry about the future, fiscal or otherwise, of david miller's 'hetchins'.
in Chester