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There's several places to purchase bicycling books, both in & out of print. Ebay is a start, these will turn up from time to time, also other book search sites. If you're near Philly or south Jersey, Michael Johnson at Wheelfine Imports has an impressive selection. My wife purchased 'The Dancing Chain' from the Pedaling History Bicycle Museum http://www.pedalinghistory.com/ over the phone. There's a source on the web I haven't tried; http://peteandedbooks.com/30.htm.

Roy "well read" Drinkwater

>> still have not received my Christmas copy of "The Dancing Chain", ( =
>> late mail delivery
>I have tried to find this book as well as "The Custom Bicycle" by Kolin
>et.al. on amazon with no luck.
>Would a member of this group please help me to understand where I might
>purchase them?