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Subject: Re: [CR]Tangents to the Hetchins thread(s)
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 13:22:38 -0600

The info on the CR site spells it Miller, as have several other posters, so I think I was in error in spelling it "Millar". From the recent postings, it appears David Miller was the shop manager for Jackson production of Hetchins frames, not a racer of note.


Jerry Moos

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Subject: [CR]Tangents to the Hetchins thread(s)

> I have always thought myself to be a purist about many things (others refer
> to the trait as 'anal retentiveness', but there it is). So I find this set
> of exchanges very interesting.
> To me, there is purity of name and purity of product. Two different things,
> albeit related. The name part is easy: once the original person - or direct
> lineage that participated - is gone, the name no longer has the same
> cachet. Sometimes (to me) that is worth something. The lineage of humans is
> different, and more difficult. My new bike is made by an almost retired
> third generation owner of the same shop. So there are many years of the same
> heritage in it. That is not why I bought it, but never mind that, it feels
> comfortable.
> I came to this list originally looking for Maserati bicycles. I found a lot
> of help - thanks to all. And they do exist. That was a name thing, as I
> never thought the original Maserati people built bikes. But it was a nice
> tie to another interest. I must say, however, that since they do not even
> use the famous trident mark, they have lost a lot of lustre for me. I may
> still have one someday, but in part, the initial thrill is gone. Perhaps a
> Fiorelli Coppi?
> I own an original George Washington axe - possibly the one he used to chop
> down the cherry tree. About five years ago, I had to replace the handle.
> Just this year, I replaced the head.
> Lastly, I have seen the name written as "David Millar" and "David Miller".
> Which is it? And if it is Millar, it is not the elite class racer of the
> same name, is it?


> Cheers...Gary