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Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 17:49:04 -0800
From: Brian Baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]The rest of the Medici story
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Thanks for putting a capper on the Medici story. I appreciate all of the time, effort, and mental energy it takes to put these events in print. I read with eyes as wide as saucers all of the internal details of the events that transpired while I was in the "monastary" situation. I was essentially "gone" for 18 months; apparently a lot of things happened during that time. I like the way you write, it's always entertaining. I would have to say that I, perhaps much more that most people on this list; found it very informative which allows me to understand some of what caused certain events to take place. In particular, I now have a much better idea why there has been this "strange friction" between Jim and myself. As a general rule, I'm about as friendly and easy to get along with a person as one would ever be likely to meet. But sometimes, there's a person or situation that just isn't going to work out. I think Jim and I must have one of those. I'm OK with that; I think Jim is too.

I was amused buy Jims' account of the goings on between himself, Mario, and Recht. I can totally see all of this stuff happening. But When Jims' account intersects with my own experiences and account, suddenly the gears no longer mesh. Since I wasn't present for all of the internal workings of their relationship; I cannot and will not dispute any of the testimpny up to that point, but I will have to correct Jim on a few points regarding his account of "the day in question" out front of the Confente shop.

The only time I either went in or out of the Confente shop that day was with an escort (I assume that was the Chris person) who unlocked the door and let me in where I had no key to open the dead bolt to get out. I painted the entire duration (except to eat) of my "internment" that day and was let out by the same person when I was finished. I never spoke to Cunningham, and I can assure you that the "conversation"(however cleaver it is; I especially liked the part about the Nazis) never took place through a door which I had the power nor authority to open. My business was with them, not you. Even if I could have opened the door, I wouldn't have if they told me not to. I don't think I owe you an apology for anything that happened to you as a result of your involvement with Bill Recht. Don't forget, of all of you guys (Mario, yourself, Howard, and Simonetti) I am the only one who didn't fall for the Recht scheme. I won't take too much credit here; my main reason for not wanting to join Medici in L.A. was I didn't want to live in Los Angeles or Orange Counry. I hadn't ferreted out Recht as Satan or anything. There is a possibility a conversation took place through one of the push out windows which (I think) had bars over them on the front of the building; although if it had gone as Jim described I would have been laughing histerically. Regardless, your beef with Recht was your business. My business was to paint bikes. I'm sorry you feel the need to consider me evil, but I'm OK with that and it's your business.

I still liked reading the story even if I'm not sure which parts are straight up and which parts are slanted. I have no emotional involvement in what went on with Recht and Mario and Jim. Jim obviously has a lot, pretty much all of it negitive. I don't blame him for having bad feelings about what happened and some of the people involved. I consider it his business how he precieves me. Since what troubles him doesn't involve me, it's none of my business. But me apologizing to him for his having gotten involved with Bill Recht isn't going to happen either. Maybe someday this whole thing will clear itself up, ya think?

Again, thanks Jim for taking the time to clear up any doubts about why the whole thing didn't work out.

I have another question that I would be curious to know the answer to. Sometime while Mike and I were building Wizard Cycles the introduction of investment cast lugs came to Masi. I think Masi was one of the first (if not the first) company to make investment cast lugs. Microfussione in Italy cast the first lugs. I always thought that Mario made the "model lugs" for the Masi investment cast lugs. My question is, did Mario ever build any Carlsbad Masis using the investment cast lugs? I know Eisentraut was using them, and we used them when we came back in June 1976. I just wonder when the first cast lugs arrived at Masi and was Mario there then? I'm curious how much Mario was involved in the development of the Masi lugs.

Hope this soap opera isn't too much for anyone. Personally, I think the only thing between Jim and I in reality is a simple matter of personalities being about 180 degrees apart. Happens sometimes. No worries.

Some details regarding dates (which I'm not the best with) are a little fuzzy that far back; but I still seem to recall 1979 as the year of my return from AK. I thought Mario died in 1980. Maybe someone can confirm. Mathamatically everything fits that way.

Brian Baylis Maybe we should get together and write soap operas for TV.