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Note that there is currently what appears to be a very clean matching pair of these hubs now on ebay. Nice pictures. Be interesting to see what they end up going for.

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> CYCLING (English newsprint magazine), December 18, 1963
> reporting on the
> Milan Show mentions "one of the sensations of the show were
> the Cinelli
> interchangeable front and rear wheels." Shown in the photos is the
> 3-piece steel barrel and alloy flange version.
> The article mentions the hubs being generally available (in
> England) by
> the middle of 1964. The first ad I have come across
> advertising the hub
> is a CYCLING Ron Kitching ad in 1965.
> The article also mentions that they will be jointly imported by Ron
> Kitching, Hookstone Park, Hookston Chase, Harrogate, Yorks, and the
> Holdsworthy Col. Ltd., Lullington Road, London, S.E.20, and the price,
> including "block" is likely to be about £12 a pair in 36/36 drilling.
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