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Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 08:59:20 -0500
From: Jerry Moos <>
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Don't have a pair now, but my recollection is that some Weinmann/DiaCompe levers had a threaded hole in one side of the body to accept the mounting bolt for the safety levers. A lot of Weinmann/DiaCompe hoods even have a perforated circle that can be punched out for this mounting bolt. I guess Mafac didn't want to drill their lever bodies, or maybe the shape or the amount of travel of the Mafac levers didn't work well with the safety levers.


Jerry Moos wrote:
> In a message dated 2/26/01 10:29:29 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> > As to the Weinmann brakes with DiaCompe safety levers, it was my
> > impresssion that DiaCompe invented the safety levers, then did a
> > cross-licensing deal with Weinmann under which Weinmann could produce
> > the safety levers and DiaCompe could in turn produce clones of some
> > Weinmann brake models.
> Let's see if I can add to the confusion.
> I've acquired three Peugeots in the last year and a half, none had Mafac
> levers.
> One (AO-8?) was Mafac Racers with Diacompe levers w/ safety levers,
> another (UO-8?) had Mafac Racers with Weinmann levers,
> and the newer one (80ish "Sport"), unidentified Mafacs with Weinmann levers
> w/ safety ( but different from the above).
> The Weinmanns seem original but the Dia-Compes I had assumed were
> replacements, but maybe not.
> Did the safety levers necesitate a switch from Mafac levers?
> The Weinmann's are ok, I recycle most Dia-Compes. : )
> Pete Geurds
> Douglassville, Pa