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Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 21:24:27 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Back to bike stuff, eh what?


The Windsor you speak of was so inexpensive that many dealers bought the bike for the Campagnolo NR parts. The complete bike kit with wheels etc. was cheaper to the dealer than a Campagnolo NR groupo at the time (before1980 as I recall). It was more than a good buy and the frame was pretty OK; no Confente but it's possible he supervised construction on occasion. I can only speculate. And it rode good too!

I had two of these bikes and Campagnolo NR equipped with TTT Bar and Stem as I recall. I placed Cinelli parts in their place I seem to remember. Sewups of course.

I hope this is of help.

Gilbert Anderson

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<< Hey guys,

I need you all help! I bought a mystery frame from One of our member, Eric Elman, small very well made. He was asking us whether this was Windser or Cinelli.

I bought it because it was my size 50cm, and study it over with Dale and confirmed as "Windser-pro" Columbus SL tubing, light weight! It was completely stripped and repainted (by local talent-professionally).

Now, this 1980 + or - 2 years, fame needs "all parts" and de-cals. Does anyone know or have suggestions as to what compornets the frame should have??

I will appreciate any information regarding this "Windser-Pro" restoration.

KEN TODA, wondering A bicycle is made of; FRAME first or PARTS first??? >>