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Thanks for below comments, e-Richie. Not being a "veteran" member and having way belong average knowledge of the classic info discussed on this list I hesitate to say something like your post even if I'm having to "bite my tongue". Even I have gleaned enough info, from a historical standpoint, to have decided that looking for a Masi as my "premium" Italian steed, is way too complicated for me, in order to end up with a "good one". Building these sub-quality Masi frames "under license" is for me about as significant as the "Official Olympics" hamburger stand. Thanks for pointing it out.

John Dunn in Napa Valley, still kicking myself for not contacting you on that used 52?cm frame for $800

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> (replying to post at bottom)
> if ted built these bikes, are they ted's
> OR are they masi's???
> and after so many iterations occuring since
> first appearing in california via milano, what
> exactly was the 'draw' of any of these bikes,
> particularly the post mid '70s versions, when
> the cord that connected it all was already beginning
> to fray. does owning the rights to the name
> justify the 'buzz' that seems connected to this
> thread?
> i am a long time masi-watcher, ever since i read
> the review in 'bicycling' in june 1971. despite all
> the people, builders, locations, post -gran criterium
> frame models, (milano built prestige and 3V models
> notwithstanding), involved in this saga, i don't get
> all this infatuation with the stuff. once it was clear
> that the initial italian inspired/california built masi's
> were not as intended, everything else was made 'under
> license' by various people that had no connection to
> the vigorelli velodrome family of artisans.
> i understand having lunch at 'subway', etc.: the same
> sandwiches in 50 states because the business is franchised.
> but framebuilding under the same 'made under license
> since we own the name (now) type-of-mentality' !!
> why is this stuff special?
> On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 09:54:43 -0800 Jim Allen <> wri
> Ted forgets to take credit for building Gorski's Olympic Gold Medal
> wining bike
> ('84) and Connie Paraskevin's World Championship bike ('83).
> Connie's bike was
> produced and painted in less than one day. Gorski's bike was a
> "Murray" and
> Connie's was painted Bianchi Green with no decals...I did the
> painting on both
> and some minor tasks on Connie's - filing and such.
> Ted also supplied some bike to Russian teams for the Tour Du Pont
> around 1990.
> Later,
> Jim Allen