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Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 00:01:04 -0800
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Tom Adams,

When the art for these decals were made there was very little use of "canned fonts" as we have them today with graphics software. A question I usually asked when designing graphics for corporate clients was, weather they wanted unique lettering, or off the shelf standards. If they had the budget for it, we would recommend that their key logos be created in a unique typestyle so that it was distinct from any other. The idea was to prevent the possibility that they would begin using a font like Forte for example, then face the possibility that "their" letter style gets used in a big overexposed way like in a movie title or cereal box and the novelty of their logos is lost. People like Chuck Schmidt and I used to make a significant part of our income from creating distinctive letter forms for clients logos, form pen and ink, much of that art has been lost as desktop graphics software has made every one and instant "artist". It too bad really as much of the computer generated stuff is unimaginative or technically poor. We can supply the Trek decals, I think I have both reproductions and originals of the style you seek, as part of a CyclArt refinish or touch-up. BTW: Many people don't know that we are able to do extensive tough ups to invisibly repair damaged original finishes. Also, and this is rare, we are not overbooked at the moment and are able to get right to work on new incoming paintwork. In some cases we can complete jobs in days, not weeks. This won't last, as we typically get busier in spring, but the time is right to get in your spring projects. JFC ~ CyclArtist Vista, CA

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All praise to the listies, I've got some good pics of the old style Trek decals. Now, before the great hunt begins, does anyone know what font the letters are in? I'm talking about the old style ones, with the strong shadow to the left and down, and a gold outline all around.

Tom Adams, in Kasas City