Re: [CR]Colnago 30th Anniv. pantograph

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Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 11:54:09 -0800
From: Marc Boral <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Colnago 30th Anniv. pantograph
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Colnago had a 30th Anniv. gruppo available as an option, in '84. That crank you have was part of that gruppo. The 30th Anniv. gruppo was not designated for any Colnago frame in particular. There are also a few different versions of pantographing on the 30th brake levers, calipers, shifters, and seatposts. The pedals and hubs were also panto'd with his signature. The rarest 30th piece is the SR rear der. with a club panto'd just above the cable fixing bolt.

FYI: Colnago also had a 35th Anniv. gruppo. Utterly Unbelievable! Gold plated C-Rec gruppo. The gold plating was done prior to each components assembly. Then, Campagnolo would receive the gold plated parts and proceed to assemble each 35th Anniv. component the normal way.

Marc Boral

Stefan Hoffmann wrote:
> Hello!
> Could anyone out there help me identify the guesses are
> welcome, of course...of a Colnago pantographed Camp SR Crankset? The
> pantograpc is of Ernesto C. in script alternating with a "30" in a
> stylized box shape on the chainwheel...there are dustcaps with the Colnago
> clover in black on yellow. The crankarms are non-fluted, with a laser-etch
> Campy logo.
> I have looked all around, including these archives, and all I can come up
> with is the "Mexico" model - this should be easy for somebody out there,
> since the 30th anniversay can only have been one year, right...1984? I am
> grateful for any assitance or discussion directed at this mini-mystery.
> Thanks in advance,


> Stefan Hoffmann