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Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 09:31:27 -0800
Subject: [CR]Track and road single speed stuff

I have recently been getting wome frame repair work from a local store I was previously unfamiliar with. They are called Bike Central and are in downtown Portland, OR. They have a very big slice of the downtown bike-messenger and messenger-wannabe trade and thus stock all of the track stuff they can get their hands on. The track bike addict on staff is named Dean, the other day when delivering some of my work he showed me his prides and joys--a handmade 1980's Nishiki track bike, 70's red Raleigh frame, and an early 60's Geminiani that's too small for him but he couldn't turn it down anyway! I'm sure they'd mail parts if whatever someone wants isn't available in their own neighborhood and their phone # is 503-227-4439. Another Portland store that some listmembers are already familiar with is Sellwood Cycle Repair. Please, somebody, call them up and ask about the 58cm st 56cmtt 70's Lejeune track frame they just took in. I don't want to know that this temptation is within fifty miles of me. This is a track frame with road-blade fork which is already drilled, it's more likely to be a good fixed gear road bike than a more modern, specialized track bike. I don't work for Sellwood--just shouldn;t be interested in this one. It's a beauty and Steve s prices are always reasonable! David Feldman

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Subject: [CR]Tressostar and shellac

> Hi all-
> Well, hopefully by next week I'll have the Holdsworth
> (path racer) up and cycling. Nicely parted it up with Campy 151 BCD pista cranks and steel track pedals. NR
> seatpost and headset and record calipers. Comprimised
> on the wheels since I didn't have track hubs avail to
> me and I wanted flip/flops so I had a pair built with Mavic MA3/Suzue - forgive me:) Would like to get some
> vintage flip/flops when I have some $$$ gain!
> I want to wrap the bars with some orange Tressostar &
> I have heard that shellac helps preserve the color.
> I have never used shellac on tape before, I just wrap
> and watch the cotton fray!
> Anybody got some pointers on what and how to do this?
> Or even if I should!!!
> Mike "Trying to outrun the grammer police" Wilkinson