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Jim wrote:
> I only use them as part of properly servicing the correct frames.
>This is a permitted use because we take responsibility for the frames
>correct identification and roadworthiness. We do not compromise the
>trademark owner's control or increase his liability on old product.

Something else to think about is I know all of us have seen a faked bike or fifty. I'm not sure where people have gotten the decals but I've had many an obvious english bike with italian decals walk into the shop. One of the more legendary ones were Windsors relabeled as Masis. Remember in the 70's every shop had a ton of 531 frame decals. Decals being available to anybody does lead to fakes and wether the person has good intentions or bad it's a bad things for bike collectors and the cycling community at large.

In the pricing of a restoration people must also remember the price of decals can sometimes be more than the price of paint. I've been looking into getting my Raleigh Lenton Grand Prix restored but the price of the downtube decal alone is more than I have into the bike right now. I think everyone who loves bikes and has the know-how should try their hand at a full restoration but don't be shocked if someone doesn't want to sell you decals. With a hand scanner and photoshop it's easy enough to recreate your own decals, but also tough enough so you'll understand why Jim and Brian's cost so much.

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