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>Actually, it was Cinelli that was knocked off by Windsor.

Yep, sorry I've never seen one just heard about them.
>I have a Windsor Pro, and find it a nice enough bike in its own right,
>that I would
>never want to pass it off as a Cinelli.

Anybody that talks about bad mexican quality frames should check some of these out. I heard some were bad, but the 3-4 I've seen have been top notch.
>In nearly all cases they themselves created the need for
>reproduced decals through their arrogant, irresponsible, "the public be
>attitude of refusing to lift a finger to help legitimate owners of their
>products obtain replacement decals.

I contacted Bianchi Italy and USA back in '94 about new decals for my Specialissima(sp?) and they had no way of getting new decals, but if I wanted new ones I could send them $25 for a full set. While working for shops I've ordered new decals from: Trek, Lemond, Salsa, Bontrager, Klein, Fuji, Bridgestone, ETC. . . without ever a problem unless you wanted old ones. I was told by Bianchi that many of the old decal sets went to employees or buddies.
>for example is quite helpful as was Schwinn in some

I've done A LOT of Schwinn crusier restoration and in 12 years I've never gotten decals from Schwinn. I do own many sets of original and knock-off Schwinn decal sets, including one set of Paramount, and some of the knock-offs are actually better than the originals. I know Schwinn doesn't care about the reproductions as long as they're good quality.
>Reynolds, at one time, was among the worst, virtually requiring an owner to
>obtain a joint resolution of Congress and the British Parliament before
>condescending to supply replacement decals.

This was because someone on the US started printing Reynolds decals and selling them to every shop around and many, many bikes without Reynolds tubing were getting this sticker. At least this is what I was told by an old time Seattle framebuilder who was told this by his Reynolds rep. I remember the bogus tubing decals in stacks in shops during the late-70's.

What it comes down to is 'most' companies don't care if you reproduce them as long as you do it well and do it for restoritive reasons. My guess is there are people who did care about Jim and other restorers reproducing decals when they were new to the business, but as they gained credibility the trademark noose loosened. I know of no company who would prefer you to leave the frame decal off the frame after a repaint and I'd be really suprised if there was one.

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