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Subject: Re: [CR]Bio-Pace
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 23:28:37 +1100

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> The timing of this topic is most coincidental. I rode my 1966 Flying Scot
> for the first time on Sunday, built up with the best of the junk which was
> lying about the garage. The chainset I used was a Bio-Pace, the first time
> I had ever ridden it. I found it very comfortable to ride and managed some
> fairly steep climbs with the limited range of gears on the bike without any
> difficulty. I have never weighed the chainset but I presume that with steel
> rings it will be quite heavy. Were these available with alloy rings?
> Russell Mowat

Hi Russell,

Yes, Bio-pace were made in alloy in the early to mid-90's, at least.

I have an alloy 28/38/48 set that I pulled off a 110/74 Derore crankset that's waiting to go on a friend's bike (she's been using Biopace primarily for at least 7-8 years, and has worn her old steel chainrings enough that it's STARTING to show).