RE: [CR]Humorous "caveat emptor" story

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Subject: RE: [CR]Humorous "caveat emptor" story
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 23:11:37 -0800

[Whoops, sent this just to Jerry instead of to the list]

Come to think of it, you're right, the silver w/black head tube was the Grand Jubilee. I was thinking Grand Record because this fork has Campy dropouts, and I thought the GJs of that era had Huret dropouts. Anyone remember? Were there GRs in silver or GJs w/Campy dropouts?

Mark Bulgier
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> Just one correction - I think. All the Motobecane Grand
> Records I have seen,
> including mine, have black forks with a red epaulet and gold
> lining. The
> silver/black/gold color scheme appeared on the Grand Jubilee,
> but I'm not sure
> whether the Grand Jubilee had 531 forks (may have been only
> main tubes). If the
> GJ didn't have Reynolds forks, you may have a fork from a
> LeChampion, which very
> definitely was 531. I have a LeChampion frame and fork with
> exactly that color
> scheme. Of course, I was surprised last year to find a
> LeChampion in the Grand
> Record black/red/gold scheme, so who knows, maybe there are
> Grand Records out
> there in the colors typically used on Grand Jubilee.


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