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This brings up one of my long lasting questions reguarding my Austro-Daimler Super Leicht? One of the popular responces was "prison labor". One reason I always wondered is because of the differences between the top part (head lugs, seat cluster and fork crown) and the bottum( drop outs and BB shell). The top is beutiful work: hand cut windows, sweaping tapers cut on lugs. The bottom is ------ well, ------just plain ugly! Does not seem to affect ride, just wonder why.
Garry Nold

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I've heard rumors about Bugatti, Garlatti, Torpado and a host of other Italian bikes (that frankly look pretty much alike) being built in prisons-- anybody in the CR ever serve time there and able to verify this? :-) Nelson Miller

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Jim, Weren't Carnielli bikes built by criminals in some Italian version of license plate manufacturing? It seems like the Carnielli brand had that story associated with them or something similar to it. Cheers, Dave Anderson

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> Susan reminds me that before Scapin, Lemonds were built by Carniell