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Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 11:48:23 -0500
From: Jeff Slotkin <>
Subject: Re: [CR]More parts for sale
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At 08:46 AM 2/5/2001 -0500, Chris Beyer wrote:
>I also have several incomplete Suntour barcons; they're missing the the bolts
>which hold the lever to the housing, and the nuts for thes bolts. You could
>probably complete them with stuff from Home Depot. (snip)

For the general edification of the list: You can complete bar-cons with a through bolt from anywhere, but it is not a pretty solution since the original was stepped to fit the stepped internal diameter. I've never found the originals for sale anywhere, since they tended to get lost so there's a shortage of 'em.

Don't ask me how they get lost, since you're shifters would slip long before the bolt vanishes, but...

If you're up for some tapping of the lever, and some modification of the body, you can improve mightily on the original design. I have a pair with M6 stainless button heads threaded in from the right, which affixes the lever to the body. The lever was tapped for M6 on this side, and the body "bored" to recess the head a bit. On the left of each shifter is a normal M5 downtube "folding loop" wing bolt, which is to adjust the friction. These come in various lengths, and the length, as well as that of the M6, is a bit critical since you want good thread engagement but you don't want them to touch in the middle. The lever is tapped for M5 on this side, a spacer added which is the thickness of the body, and the body drilled so that the spacer fits freely through and contacts the lever. I found the perfect spacer to be two presta valve nuts.

Now you have an arrangement where the fixing bolt and the friction control are completely separate, and you don't need a huge flat head screwdriver to adjust the thing as on the original.

If this is hard to follow, sorry, but I don't have any way to take close-up pics. And sorry, O Ye Diligent Listmeister, for the somewhat non-classic post, but I answered where I found the question:^)
Jeff Slotkin
Goose Creek, SC