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Subject: Re: [CR]pic of Schotte/Girardengo/Lygie
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 16:46:30 -0500

a few more notes

In the original print I can just make-out the "GIRARDENGO" decal on the downtube, and a second "headtube badge" on the seattube. see: )

The brake levers must be earlier Universals... they aren't cut-out, don't have adjusting barrels, and have an exposed clamp with external binder bolt.

There appears to be a tab coming up from the front of the acorn nut/center bolt on the front brake caliper... any ideas what this might be?

I think Chuck is right about the hubs... the hole pattern matches my FB hubset, and the qr lever passes through the middle of the bell-housing.

I'd still like to know about that fireman's helmet, though...

Aldo Ross

> Looks to me like Briek Schotte's Lygie is equiped with an Italian
> Simplex group.
> That group would be Simplex large-flange hubs made by FB (Italy) and
> Simplex derailleurs (Made in Italy). Simplex (Italy) chainrings,
> freewheel and chain. Front derailleur is clearly a Simplex Competition
> changer. Brakes look to be Universal (Italy), with the cut out lever
> bodies and Vittoria Giro hoods.
> The Italian Simplex was the group that Fausto Coppi used on his Bianchi
> for his TdF and GdI wins in 1949 and Freddie Kublers's victory in the
> 1950 TdF. Briek Schotte won the Pro Worlds in 1950 with Italian
> Simplex. Simplex's victories in all the major races in 1948, '49, and
> '50 were the motivation for Tullio Campagnolo's landmark Gran Sport
> derailleurs.
> I have a really beautiful reproduction of the Italian Simplex catalog
> from 1950 available on my website.
> Chuck Schmidt
> South Pasadena, California