[CR]Old Trek

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Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 14:34:24 -0800
From: "Tim Fricker" <tymn61@earthlink.net>
To: ClassicRendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Old Trek

Hey gang!

I've sent this message to the folks at Trek, but I thought I'd run it by you, in case they couldn't help. I'm trying to figure out what I've got here...an old Trek road bike, I think about the same age as my 1980 414 (that I bought new from Larry Black, way back when, and I'm still riding...thanks Larry!) Any clues would be appreciated.



Tim Fricker tymn61@earthlink.net


>From: "Tim Fricker" <tymn61@earthlink.net>

>To: "Trek, Help" <consumer_help@trekbike.com>

>Subject: Re: Trek Bikes Contact Us

>Date: Mon, Feb 5, 2001, 2:30 PM


>Well, the original message was sent via your website, so I don't have a copy

>of it, but here's basically what I sent...


>I've come into an old steel Trek bike, from (by my guess) the late 70s or

>early 80s. Here's what I know about it:


>It's a Reynolds 531 frame...it has the sticker for double butted tubes,

>forks, stays. It has the same style brass (?) head badge and seat tube

>decals as my 1980 model 414. It's painted a light metallic blue that was

>available around 1980 or so, in a number of your models, and it's all one

>color, no contrasting panels or such. It has top tube brake cable guides

>brazed on, as well as a shifter cable guide brazed on to the top of the

>bottom bracket shell. It does NOT have brazed on shifter bosses. As near

>as I can tell, the components currrently on it, are not original, being a

>mix of SunTour Sprint derailleurs, Royal Gran Compe brakes, etc. About the

>only component that looks like it may be original is the crankset, which is

>some sort of nice SR (Sakae) crankset. As near as I can tell, the serial

>number, stamped into the bottom bracket shell is H4 19K78. I'm not 100%

>sure on that...the "1" might be a letter?


>I was hoping you could tell me the following:


>What year was it made?

>What model is it?

>Racing/touring/sport touring?

>Basic frame geometry?

>Original components?

>Approximate retail price new?


>Thanks. I've been a big fan of the early steel Treks, ever since buying my

>414 in 1980...I'm still riding that same bike (granted, with different

>components) 20+ years later. Any info you can give me on this "new" bike

>would be greatly appreciated.




>Tim Fricker