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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 16:53:21 -0700
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>My friend Shaun Wallace (Noteable British born track star) is attempting to
>construct what he calls a "donkey back" tandem. He wants gearing for it and
>called me asking about a Suntour rear derailleur that mounts under the RH
>chainstay. He & I want to remember it maybe as model "SX50?" This unorthodox
>bike design he wants to make requires the rear cranks to pass by in the space
>a normal rear derailleur would be..
>I have a cloudy memory about this ST der. model (and a lot of other things!)
>Anyone know where such an animal might be obtained?
>Please answer here on the CR List for all of our information as well as that
>of Shaun's. He can be e-mailed at c

I'm not sure what this has to do with the classic list but since you're the boss and you asked to post to the list here it is. The deraileur was made '91-'92 and was designed for city bikes with a special brazed on mount. Only a couple of companies made bikes with this mount and speced the deraileur. I saw a few hundred of these go into a dumpster at the Suntour warehouse near Seattle. I had a couple for myself but since I never had a frame they would work on I gave them away as bike gag gifts. I could give you the whole story if I could find some special promo material I have on the thing. I did ride a bike with one mounted and it worked OK but it really was a POS.

enjoy, Brandon"monkeyman"Ives

PS: I would highly recommend using something else. . . maybe a sharp stick.

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