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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 15:25:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Tom Dalton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]RE: Frame size/saddle-height/handlebar height
To: "M. Chandler" <>
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Hey, I live in SE PA also! However I don't think buying a new bike will involve walking into any local bike shop, unless perhaps it's Tom Kellog's frame shop. To get what I want, even an appropriate inner tube, I usually have to go mailorder. It's sad that the LBS won't really even give me the chance to support them. As for 95% percent of shops being unable to help us, when was this not the case? Most shops really don't want to sell the good stuff. There's very little money in it.

--- "M. Chandler" wrote:

> On Thu, 8 Feb 2001 wrote:


\r?\n> > I don't know about shops were you are, but in SE

\r?\n> Pennsylvania I don't think

\r?\n> > you can just run in and expect to come out with a

\r?\n> suitable replacement for a

\r?\n> > nice road bike that's over 5 years old.

\r?\n> > If you're ok with tig'd or titanium you may come

\r?\n> close.

\r?\n> > If you want lugged steel, then 95% of the shops

\r?\n> will not be able to help you.

\r?\n> > It's gotten a lot worse in just the past few

\r?\n> years.

\r?\n> > I suspect I may never buy a new bike again, I

\r?\n> really don't see anything I'd

\r?\n> > want.


\r?\n> I feel sort of the same way. It's as if I'm an

\r?\n> alien from another planet

\r?\n> when I go into 95% of the bike shops. I'd say that,

\r?\n> over the last year,

\r?\n> I've done more business with Rivendell, Wallbike,

\r?\n> SJS, Harris Cyclery,

\r?\n> and of course Mercian, than my local shops.

\r?\n> Thankfully, there are some

\r?\n> sensible shops close to where I've moved (kudos to

\r?\n> Vecchio's in Boulder),

\r?\n> but it's pretty damn hard to walk into a shop now

\r?\n> and find a lugged steel

\r?\n> frame on the showroom floor.


\r?\n> I almost wonder if we should be targeting

\r?\n> manufacturers AND dealers

\r?\n> in our quest for what we want. Afterall, a shop

\r?\n> can't sell what's not

\r?\n> produced, and if companies start getting queries

\r?\n> about traditional styled

\r?\n> bikes/frames, maybe there's a slim chance they'll

\r?\n> listen.


\r?\n> As much as I try to support my local shops, it's

\r?\n> hard when I want a

\r?\n> simple 700x32c clincher, and the widest tire they

\r?\n> stocked was a

\r?\n> multi-colored 700x25c jobbie.


\r?\n> --mc, cold & snowy Superior, CO


\r?\n> --

\r?\n> cyclist [at] dimensional [dot] com