Re: [CR]RE: Frame size .. the good stuff

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From: "Mary Lanphier" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]RE: Frame size .. the good stuff
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 18:59:30 -0800

A decent living CAN be made selling the good stuff. In fact I just got off the phone with my friend & LBS owner John Hall of Continental Bike in Hazel Park MI (outside Detroit). A real nice guy who sells some very good stuff.

& every year since he bought his shop he has bought out the old stock of another local bike shop that went under.

He just got done updating my 1970 PX10 with some nifty Nitto bars, old time tire scrapers & white Velox plugs. I just have to decide between the funky Holstein tape or the black Tressostar.

This was all stuff that he keeps in stock for people like us.

I know places like this are getting scarcer, but those that do exist really deserve our support. I'm lucky I have a place like this down the street.

Mary Lanphier
In slushy Michigan