Re: [CR]Pinarello Track Bike

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Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 17:58:49 -0800
From: Marc Boral <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Pinarello Track Bike
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Pinarello has always made track bikes. If you could provide more frame detail info, that would be better info for determining a date of manufacture. They typically have had two models during the '80s/'90s: The lower end "Pista Amatore" (cheaper tubing...Columbus Tretubi or Oria), and the high end "Bassano" (Columbus SL). What exactly does your tubing decal say, and describe the size and colors of the decal. Also, describe the fork crown and possible engravings on the frame.

Marc Boral wrote:
> I just bought a very dirty Pinarello track bike Under many layers of
> hairy sticky dust I am finding some very little used neat components. I
> know very little about track bikes sold in our vintage lightweight years
> discussed on this list. The frame decals look just like the road bikes.
> Any idea when this was made?
> Anybody have any idea how much a bike would go for equipped like this?
> Shop owner sold it to me for $120, and I had to take it out the back
> door. Away from the new and clean inventory.
> Thanks for any info. Specs follow,
> Steven Johnson, Chesapeake, VA
> Make: Pinarello
> Type: Track
> Year: ?
> Serial Number: S104
> Color: Red
> Tubing Brand: Columbus tubing, 20" center to center, 120mm rear spacing
> Rim: Fiamme Red Label
> Hub Make: Campagnolo HF track, 36h, rear 120mm spacing
> Bottom Braket Make: Campagnolo, spindle marked 70-P-120
> Thread Type: 36 x 24 F
> Axle Length: 110mm
> Crank Length: Campagnolo Pista 165mm
> Headset size: 25.4 x 24 F
> Stem Size: Cinelli Track, 120mm
> Handlebar diameter/width: Cinelli, Pista
> Make: Turbo, Bernard Hinault
> Seat Post Make: Campagnolo, two bolt, 27.2mm
> Make: Campagnolo, Track
> Toeclips: Christophe with Campagnolo toe guide, double Binda straps
> Hole Pattern: 48t Superbe 1/8"
> Make: 16t Suntour 1/8"
> Chain: Izumi (96 pins)