Re: [[CR]Palo Alto design firm decorates with bikes]

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Date: 9 Feb 2001 10:24:43 EST
From: "William H.Canilang" <>
To: "Mark Petry" <>, <>, "Charles OToole" <>, "Natalia Ilyin" <>, "Jeff Groman" <>, "Classic Rendezvous" <>
Subject: Re: [[CR]Palo Alto design firm decorates with bikes]

"Mark Petry" <> wrote:
> Perhaps someone besides me was listening to NPR today and heard the
> interview with Mike Kelly, pres and creative director of some high-zoot
> design firm in palo alto. When asked "how do you keep your workspace fresh
> and creative?" he went off into this whole riff about how they have rare
> and expensive bicycles, about 40 of them, hanging from the ceiling.
> Maybe part of the Hjertberg collection. Name of the firm escapes me now,
> darn.

The name of the company is Ideo ( They do lots of nice industrial design work (i.e. Handspring Visor, Apple Computer products, Amtrak Acela, a self-closing valve for Specialized Water bottles).

Bill Canilang
Ridgewood, NJ