[CR]pic of day - Bobet, Geminiani and Magni

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Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 22:16:30 -0500
Subject: [CR]pic of day - Bobet, Geminiani and Magni

Picture of the day - Louison Bobet (France team) and Raphael Geminiani (France team) appear to be looking into a mirror in this shot from the 1953 Tour de France. Fiorenzo Magni (Italie team) follows.


Bobet would go on to win (and again in 1954 and 1955), ahead of Jean Mellajac (Ouest team)and Giancarlo Astrua (Italie team). Gem would finish 9th, with Magni 15th.

Bobet is on a Stella, chrome 1/2 fork and head lugs, but no chrome on the rear, with M.A.F.A.C. brake levers with half hood covers and sidepull calipers (are they MAFAC as well?). He's using a piar of Vito bottle cages.

Is Geminiani on a Rochet? No chrome. He's using a mini fender in front, "Bartali" brake levers without visible hood covers (perhaps a pair of Vittoria sleeves hidden under his hands?). Note there are oil hole covers on Gem's hubs, ala Campi "Record". Both riders have their gonfleur mounted beneath the down tube, near the bottom bracket. Gem has pieces of tape wrapped in several places on his bottle cages, probably to hold the bottles and/or keep them from rattling. These cages don't have the plastic tube over the spring that Ken Denny pointed-out in the photo of Riviere last week.

There's those alloy bottles with paper labels stuck to them, like I was asking about last month. "La Vittelloise", I think Chuck Schmidt said. Bobet has one on his bars... his other bottle is a different type, with a more angular cone on top, and stiffening ribs going around. Smaller opening, too.

None of these three are wearing gloves! Jerseys with front pockets and pointy collars. Gem wears his team France jersey, but what is Bobet wearing? It looks too dark for yellow, but maybe that's just the type of film.

Campagnolo quick release levers all-round.

Magni wears a big wristwatch with leather band. He's riding a Ganna, with an oversize (felt?)-covered Italian water bottle... like Coppi used when he won the World's.

I'd greatly appreciate any corrections.

Aldo Ross