Re: [CR]RE: Early 70s Raleigh Super Course Mixte

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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 08:45:06 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]RE: Early 70s Raleigh Super Course Mixte
From: Richard Buck <>

On Sun, 11 Feb 2001 21:15:53 -0800 Mark Bulgier <> writes:
> Still has
> those
> goofy extra-long Huret steel DT shift levers, and that rear
> derailleur that
> looks like a Svelto but with the extra-long cage and nicer plating.
> Anyone
> remember what that derailleur was called?

Weren't those the "Luxe" derailleurs? I think my brother owned the diamond frame version of that bike. It was brown. The Ron Kitching Handbook only uses "Luxe" in reference to the front derailleur. The rears are listed as "2100C Competition", "2100T Touring" (high capacity) and "2100ST Super Touring" (long cage and high capacity). Strangely, the listed weights are inversely proportional to the freewheel capacity.

The illustration of the ST model is interesting. It shows the cable apparently running inside the chainstay, and the derailleur hanger incorporated in the dropout. I would say my brother's bike had a bolt-on derailleur hanger, but don't really remember. My 1971 Schwinn Super Sport does have the Huret dropouts, with the derailleur hanger that wouldn't work properly with any other brand of derailleur. The original "Schwinn Approved" derailleur was the same as a Huret Allvit. I eventually upgraded to a Huret Challenger (~1980?), which worked very well for many years.

Richard Buck