Re: [CR]Cyclo Freewheels

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From: "don andersen" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cyclo Freewheels
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 17:30:44 -0000

Byron, I purchased one such Cyclo-Pans kit from a French Purveyor a few years ago. When I inquired about it, he told me that this was a kit from the late 60's, early 70's. When I asked about "Pans", he told me that it eludes to racing or alloy. My kit came with a freewheel body, springs, pawls, oil, tool, steel and alloy cogs with the alloys up to 24 teeth and the steel up to 26 teeth. Mine, however, did not come with the instructions. I have about 5 Cylo competition freewheels with the gold retainer ring but all of those have steel cogs and they are all 14-21. They are also all french-threaded as they were replacemant parts for late 60's PX 10 Peugeots. I have pulled two of these freewheels apart and both were alot easier to reassemble than say a Suntour. Other than that, I do not know any other history on them.

Don Andersen Columbia, MD

>Hello all,
>Can anyone on the list give any history or general information about Cyclo
>freewheels? I recently picked up a "Cyclo - Pans" freewheel kit and I was
>wondering if anyone knows much about these things. The kit came in a
>zippered blue vinyl pack and consisted of (1) five-speed freewheel body,
>spare pawls & springs, bottle of oil, removal tool, instructions and cogs
>ranging from 13T - 24T. Cogs in position 1 & 2 thread onto the body and
>3, 4 & 5 slide on. The body is six sided where cogs 3, 4 & 5 slide on -
>unlike SunTour (and Sachs, etc.) bodies that have splined cogs. The pawls
>and springs can be replaced with out disassembling the fw - they can be
>accessed by simply removing the cogs from the body. Apparently these kits
>were available in 6sp as well as "racing (13-24T)" and "touring(13-32T)"
>kits. I have posted a scan of one of the cogs at:
>I’ll try to get a scan of the instruction sheet soon. My questions are:
>1: does anybody have any cogs to fit these bodies or know of any other fw's
>that use compatible cogs.
>2: During what time period were these "kits" made?
>3: Any general information about Cyclo Freewheels ("64" model, etc.)
>Many thanks in advance,
>Byron Morton
>Nashville, TN