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From: Andrew & Merilee Gillis <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Medici Story
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 22:18:16 -0800
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To all CR's;

My thanks to Brian Baylis for detailing the Medici story. I'll have to read both parts another 5 times before it will all sink in.

To follow on my previous Medici paint remarks (IMHO):

My observations within the 1980 - 1987ish time frame is that the quality of Medici frames and their finishes was good. Also, I never heard any complaints regarding their frameset construction and finish quality from the fair number of Medici riders I came in contact with during that time. For a while, I did seriously buying one, although I never got around to it because my Pinarello was still going strong.

In 1993, I heard from two LA-area bike shop owners that the quality of then-current Medici frames could range anywhere from mediocre to substantially inadequate.

In June or July of 2000, I did inspect a used 60 cm Medici, which had full Campy SR. I had no issue with the quality of construction or finish on the 1980-85 bike that I saw.

My previous remarks regarding the poor paint quality that I received on my 1979 Pinarello's 1983 repaint were intended to accurately denote my personal Medici experience. I had later heard of similar Medici paint problems from a couple of bike shop owners who had customers' framesets repainted with similar results.

I think that the most accurate summary statement is that I saw two levels of Medici paint quality: good quality, which was reserved for new and refurbished Medici frames, and mediocre-to-poor quality, which was dedicated to everybody else.


Andrew Gillis (still raining in Long Beach, CA)