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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 16:13:34 -0800
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]unknown bike
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Russell roth wrote:
>I picked up a bike this week and was hopeing someone might know something on the frame. It appears to be from the early 70's maybe late 60's going by the reynolds 531 sticker style. It was world champion bands on the seat tube which appear original however the downtube appears to be a later sticker that says Couanon and also has the champion rainbow but is an actual sticker not a transfer. The head badge which is a transfer says G. Barale and Bordighera and has a rider with a rainbow behind him. I bough the bikes for the components which were a stronglight crank, campy gran sport and mavic g4 rims with campy hubs. Don't know if the manufacturer can be determined by the info given but is this frame collectable or better off as a winter beater with the components going else where. Thanx. -Russell Roth

Well Russell, if you punch "G. Barale and Bordighera" into the search engine GOOGLE at: you get some interesting results...

G.S. Barale Bordighera is a shop in Italy and also sponsors a racing team by the same name.

"Couanon" is aparantly a french name and since it's a later sticker on your frame and not a transfer/decal it's probably a rider who won some catagory in the World's some years ago? There are sites on the internet that list all the results of all the World Championships. I might add that different search engines turn up different results. Try it... it's fun...

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