Re: [[CR]More?] Yes, Please...

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Date: 16 Feb 2001 10:44:52 EST
From: Bill Canilang <>
Subject: Re: [[CR]More?] Yes, Please...

Brian Baylis <> wrote:
> Dear Friends;
> One listmember inquired as to wheather I could/would expound upon two
> other tributaries of the Masi Saga; namely Dave Tesch and Dave Moulton
> and the "burn out" of same.
> I certainly could. The question is should I? First of all, lets make
> sure this Medici things settles in and doesn't regurgitate like a bad
> meal. At least give it a break; after that if anyone is curious about my
> relations and interactions with either or both of them, I'll spill what
> I know.

I would love to hear about this branch of the family tree. Especially since I'm in Northeastern NJ where Bill Recht lives and have ridden a number of club rides with him. Guess this provides a partial explanation of why I've seen a relatively high density of Medici's on club rides...

Bill Canilang
Ridgewood, NJ