Re: [CR]Columbine #4 (Eye Candy)

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Subject: Re: [CR]Columbine #4 (Eye Candy)
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 07:50:52 -0000

Nice bike.

I also have a Columbine touring bike. Mine is a real beater compared to yours, but I love it that way. It rides as nice as yours looks though. It came with cycle cross tires on it which I thought was a little strange, but it is the best dirt road bike I have ever ridden.

I like your saddle bag. I've been thinking about one in the same shape sew out of Filson Cloth with external leather toe straps. I currently use a mini envelope style bag sewn from 1/2 a tube tote.

Do you have any other photos of the brake setup?

I am also interested in sources of information on Columbine bikes.

Thanks, Tom Stanford Weatherford, Texas

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>Thought I would share with the group. This is my touring Columbine.




>Jules Meihofer