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Subject: Re: [CR]New chains for classic bikes
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 12:02:25 -0800

A good application for chains like the old Reginas is as a tandem timing chain--modern, slick and narrow chains turn into slinkys when installed on the left side of a tandem. Those low-end Regina Corsas are ideal for tandem left side use. David Feldman

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> Jerry,
> I have never been a big fan of Shimano chains (much of this due to their
> price) and have preferred Sachs chains instead. However, the new 'Power
> Link' chains from Sachs don't "thrill" me either as I tend to shy away from
> gimmicks!
> As alternatives: KMC chains are well made, available in 5spd thru 9spd, and
> about half the price of Shimano. Also, have you tried any of Grant's Sunrace
> chains? I know they work with Suntour friction (ha, ha) and do well with
> indexing systems (8spd or less). and the price from Rivendell is (was?)
> $10.00. I have put these on some bikes I have sold over the past year or so
> (all indexing - but Grant sells the proverbial ton to "frictionists"!). They
> also look pretty fancy.......
> Mike Kone also had a large supply of Regina Corsa chains @ $5.00 ea I
> believe, and while they are certainly the 'bottom feeders' from Regina, I
> have these on a couple of my bikes and have had no trouble with them
> (friction 5 & 6 speeds).


> Chuck Brooks

> Malta, NY